Consentino’s Annual Camping Trip at Patrick’s Pond in Forest Lakes, Arizona

This past weekend Sam and I went camping at Patrick’s Pond in Forest Lakes, Arizona and let me tell you that we have had the time of our lives! The weather was a little bit colder and windier than we had anticipated, but we did not let that ruin our trip. Although it ended a little bit sooner than we would have hoped, it was the perfect ending to a very busy week.

For those of you that are not familiar with Patrick’s Pond, it is a beautiful little pond located in Forest Lakes, Arizona that is full of crawdads for fishing and is deep enough to go canoeing. The campsite has two man made swings that the whole family can enjoy and occasionally you can even see wild horses next to your camp site although unfortunately I was not able to see any horses during this trip. There are no amenities at the campsite besides a designated campfire station so you will need to make sure that you have everything you need to have a good time, however, the campsite is located right next to the main road and there is even a cute little market close by where you can stop for ice and ice cream!
All in all, this little weekend getaway was very much needed and we cannot wait to share many more with all of you in the near future!

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