05/18/2021: Top 15 Amazon Camping Essentials

Recently, my sister in law invited my husband and I to go camping with her family this weekend and although I enjoyed the idea of spending my weekend in the woods, I instantly felt overwhelmed since I hadn’t gone shopping for camping gear in over 10 years. Needless to say I was at a loss for what items I would actually need for the trip but luckily I was able to find a lot of “camping check lists” online to reference and I was able to find pretty much everything on Amazon for an affordable price! Here are my Top 15 Camping Essentials from Amazon that I am really excited about and the best part is that nothing costs more than $100* and has Amazon Prime delivery so you can be sure that you will get the essentials you need in time for your next camping trip!

1. Camping Tent: This Coleman Sundome tent comes in two different colors (green and navy blue), fits anywhere from 2 to 6 people comfortably depending on the size of tent, and has free shipping! My husband and I were gifted the 4 person tent for our wedding a few years ago and we are both so excited to be giving it a try for the first time this weekend. This tent has over 30,000+ reviews and prices range from $50 to $190 depending on the size of tent that you order (for reference the 4 person tent cost only $100)! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3v20E3d
2. Sleeping Bag: This Coleman Dunnock Cold Weather Adult Sleeping Bag measures 6 ft. x 4 in. and can accommodate temperatures as low as 20 degrees farenheit. The fiberlock construction and cotton flannel liner is designed for warmth and heat retention. It is machine washable, is snag free, and is integrated for easy rolling and packing. My sister in law uses 2 of these sleeping bags to zip together to make a bed out of it while camping and she cannot say enough good things about it! It only costs $75 and has over 1,300+ reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3hCGmcI
3. Foldable Camping Table: This Trekology Portable Camping Side Table is perfect for any camping trip! It is available in 2 different colors (blue or brown) and you can choose between Small, Medium, and Large options for the size of the tables. The table is made out of aluminum material and built to last during any weather conditions. It requires no tools for setup and is light enough to carry and store just about anywhere! Prices range from $30 to $46 depending on the size of table that you purchase and there are over 3,600+ reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3ymCByc
4. Headlamp Flashlights: This set of 2 GearLight LED Headlamp Flashlights are absolutely perfect for camping! These are super bright and long lasting and can last up to 45 hours on low setting. They are light weight, comfortable, and weather and shock resistant making them perfect to wear even to go backpacking, running, or hiking. They require a set of 3 AAA+ batteries and only cost for $14 for a set of two headlamps. The product has over 23,000+ reviews and you can purchase this on
Amazon at https://amzn.to/33TdDbx
5. Camping Chairs: This Coleman Camping Chair is definitely a must have for your next camping trip! It comes in 4 different colors, has a built in 4 can cooler, and is made for hours of comfort! It offers side pockets, a cup holder, and adjustable arm heights. If you are looking to find the perfect camping chair to relax by the campfire for hours on end then this is the chair that you need! Prices range from $35 to $48 and has over 32,000+ reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2S8xNeZ
6. Backpacking Camping Chairs: Although my husband and I will not be backpacking on this camping trip, we still purchased a pair of these Sportneer Portable Lightweight Backpacking Chairs to have for the future just in case! They are made of heavy duty aluminum material, are ultra lightweight and compact, and require no tools to set up! They cost $33 for the price of 1 chair or you can purchase a set of 2 chairs for the price of $59! They have over 2,800+ reviews and you can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2Rl4git
7. Portable Camping Fan: This COMLIFE Portable Mini Camping Fan is absolutely perfect for those of you that are like me that cannot sleep without a fan – even while camping :-)! This little fan is a combo of fan and light and can easily be hooked up to any USB to charge. It is lightweight and handy making it perfect for packing or storing away. I love that it even comes with a hook on the top so that you can hang it from your tent with ease. This fan only cost $22 and has over 2,200+ reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3f0Br3W
8. Camping Tent Stakes: I know that most tents come with standard stakes, however, after reading the reviews for the tent that I have, I decided to order a pack of these Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Tent Stakes for only $17 since they have a better quality than the standard stakes. These stakes are made of steel for corrosion resistance and are designed to prod easily into the hard soil with large heads for mallet driving. They have over 6,400+ reviews and you can purchase these on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3eYNjDx
9. Portable Solar Charger Power Bank: This Portable Solar Charger Power Bank is a must for any camping trip! This portable charger is compatible with all smartphones, iPhones, iPad, AirPods, and more! This power bank can be powered by a 5V adapter or solar power and has 3 USB ports that can be used at once. It is currently on sale for $40 and has over 10,000+ reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3bCDNUn
10. Travel Umbrella: This Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is compact and light making it perfectly portable for camping trips! It features a windproof canopy to withstand strong gusts of wind and is designed to not break in extreme weather conditions. It is teflon coated for superior protection and has a lifetime replacement policy. It only costs $22 and currently has almost 22,000 reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3f4mxK1
11. Insect Repellant: This Off! FamilyCare Insect Repellant is a huge must for camping if you do not want any bugs messing with you on vacation! It helps to prevent biting of flies, gnats, ticks, chiggers, and even mosquitos. It has a non-greasy formula and comes in a pack of 2 for only $14! The product has over 6,400+ reviews and you can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3whPOGJ
12. Citronella Candle: This Repel Insect Repellant Citronella Candle is a great alternative to insect repellant spray and is perfect to repel mosquitos and other flying insects in outdoor areas. It claims that is burns up to 40 hours of use and has over 4,800+ reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2Que8G2
13. HotHands Warmers: These HotHand Warmers are long lasting, air activated, and last up to 18 hours of heat! They are absolutely perfect to take on a camping trip to keep your hands warm, feet warm, and even for use of menstrual cramps if it is that time of the month. One box contains 40 individual warmers and I have used these personally for many years and have loved them every time! A box of 40 only costs $26 and this product has over 10,000+ reviews! You can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3uZAtKM
14. Aloe Vera Gel: If you plan on spending any large amounts of time in the sun, then you should definitely consider purchasing some aloe vera gel to take on your trip! This aloe vera gel comes in 3 different sizes and ranges in price from $10 to $100 depending on the ounce that you purchase. This product has over 45,000+ reviews and you can purchase this on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3hBscsp
15. Beach Towels: Last but not least, you cannot forget about beach towels while camping, especially if you plan on spending the day at the lake or will be going kayaking down a river! These towels come in 9 different colors, are machine washable, and highly absorbent! They come in a pack of 4 and are currently on sale for $38! They have over 6,000+ reviews and you can purchase these on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3hDfOYP


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