02/21/2022 Daily Look Book

“When scene kids meet fashion.” Sam helped his nom clean out her garage a few week ago and came home with a box of old band tees that he wore in high school and seeing that I’m a huge ‘band tee’ snob, of course I had to confiscate this one because I liked the design! As soon as I put it on, it took me back to my scene kid days and now I can’t unsee it! Now I’m just missing the big hair, thick eyeliner, and an arm full of rave beads! P.S. I have never heard of the band Salt the Wound before or heard any of their music so I know that makes me a poser, but like, who really cares, am I right??!

Scrunchie (American Eagle): No Longer in Stock

Shirt (NO LABEL): Sam’s Closet 🙂

Shorts (American Eagle): No Longer in Stock

Sandals (Steve Madden): https://rstyle.me/+Ugl_Da6-QuvW_hk562EB1A

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