10/26/2021: Etsy Top 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for $60 or Less!

Here’s my Top 8 favorite holiday gift ideas for newly weds or first time home buyers for $60 or less!

I think this custom cutting board would be perfect to give someone who is a newlywed or a first time home owner! You can choose between three different kinds of wood and it comes in four different sizes! Prices range between $28 – $55! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+gvkkm_e93q2ApvVFTqUGGA

One of my favorite Christmas traditions that I like to do every year is purchase a Christmas tree ornament that often represents something that happened to us that year so of course I had to include a custom ornament in my list of holiday gifts to give newly weds and/or first time home owners! This custom ceramic Christmas tree ornament is super cute and incredibly affordable for only $13 and has really good reviews! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+R3aBe6MhzR01JF1u–Cijw
For all of the food lovers in your life that enjoy cooking but have a problem trying to coordinate the perfect meals each night, this Foodie Dice Dinner Tumbler might be the perfect gift for them! This tumbler comes with five primary wood dice that consist of proteins, cooking method, grain/rice, herb, and bonus ingredient, and four seasonal veggie dice! All you have to do is put the five primary dice and a seasonal veggie dice in the Tumbler, shake it up, roll it out, and make the meal! It’s a perfect gift idea for only $32 and has really good reviews! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+Yde1XoJxFTHwrVIW1FBYLQ
For those people who have recently moved to another state or city and you want to give them a gift to remember, this Personalized City Skyline Pillow is perfect! It comes in two different sizes and has really good reviews! Prices range depending on the size and is entirely customizable with the coordinates for any destination! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+Dv8cTIQiHJmkOugQO2bLnQ
This Custom House Portrait Housewarming Gift is another favorite of mine! It comes in six different sizes and select sizes are currently on sale as well! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+3fK1CgbfYKjnobxAg1tmPA
Another incredible holiday gift idea for less than $60 are these Set of 2 Couples New Home Key Rings for only $11! It is entirely customizable and would be the perfect gift for any first time homeowners! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+WmAkJ6Ji3lrgw7v1j-Eh-A
This Custom Doormat is only $60 and has amazingly good reviews! Although I specifically had “newly weds” and/or “first time homeowners” in mind when I added this to the list, I honestly think that this doormat would make a perfect gift for anyone this Christmas! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+qRC02dvTRP_wFa20SWhjlQ
Last but not least, this Customizable Candle is another perfect gift idea for newly weds and first time homeowners. It’s only $14 and has incredibly good reviews! You can purchase this today at https://rstyle.me/+F5XQcveivrgsngBzTs4QoA
If you enjoyed today’s blog and would like to see more content like this, please leave me a comment below letting me know what items you are currently shopping for or are loving at the moment! Also, make sure that you are following me on the LIKETOKNOW.it shopping app (https://www.shopltk.com/explore/jlynnconsentino) to get product updates for these items and many more in the future! Also, make sure that you are subscribed on all of my social media platforms so you don’t miss out on anything! Thank you again for reading.. and until next time..

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