My First Time Trying Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs Located in Mesa, Arizona

This past weekend Sam and I decided to try out Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs located in Mesa, Arizona and this was my experience:

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed a very long line of people standing outside waiting to go in and even more people standing around waiting for their orders to be called. Of course, seeing that the line was rather long, we had to make the decision on whether or not the food was worth waiting for or not, and as you might have guessed it, the wait time ended up being a lot longer than we anticipated. Not including the 45+ minutes that we had to wait to go inside to place our order, we had to wait an additional 45+ minutes for our order to be ready and although the entire experience was both new and exciting, I am not so sure if it was worth waiting for that whole time or not just to get a corndog, but I will let you guys be the judge of that. I will say, however, that once we got inside, placing the order took no time at all and all of the employees were incredibly friendly. FYI, you will need to wear a mask upon entry or else you will not be able to go inside. They have an employee out front holding the door for each customer so you will be turned away without a mask, so keep that in mind if you plan on making a visit in the near future!

When you are placing your order, you get to choose what kind of corndog(s) that you want and then you choose the filling. There are six different kind of corndogs that you can choose from which are the Two Hands Dog (sprinkle two hands signature seasoning with sweet ranch sauce), Spicy Dog (combination of Nashville style spicy seasoning and Two Hands spicy sauce), Potato Dog (potato cubes wrapped corn dog with Two Hands dirty sauce), Classic Dog (combination of sweet and savory taste – the classic Korean style corn dog), Crispy Rice Dog (crispy rice puffs wrapped corndog added extra crispiness and flavor), or the Injeolmi Dog (bean powder with Two Hands sweet sauce added extra savory taste on it). The four different kind of fillings that you got to choose from are either 100% beef sausage, half sausage and half mozzarella, whole mozzarella, or both half mozzarella and half cheddar cheese. As you can see from this photo, each corndog costs between $2.99 and $4.49 and there are additional costs added to the order depending on which filling that you choose if you want anything else besides the 100% beef sausage option. Also, they offer a side of dirty fries for an additional $3.99 that you might enjoy as well and you can choose between either a lemonade slush for $2.99, horchata slush for $2.99, or a fountain soda for $1.99.

As you can see in this photo, we ended up ordering five different corndogs, an order of dirty fries, and a lemonade slush which cost $32.41 with tax but I have to let you in on a little confession. Want to know what it is? Well I’ll tell you then. You see, after I placed my order initially, I didn’t realize that the “whole mozzarella” filling option was exactly that! Seeing that the whole reason why I decided to go to Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corndogs in the first place was because I wanted a corndog, and not a deep fried mozzarella stick. Luckily the long wait times actually worked in my favor this time, however, because once I realized that I made a mistake, I quickly ran inside to ask the employees if I could modify the original so that all of the corndogs were to be half sausage and half mozzarella which they said that they could do since I asked before they placed my order in the fryer, so I was VERY happy about that! Also, I was not the only customer who had made that same mistake before. As it turns out, the employees told me that a lot of other people had made the same mistakes before and confused the “whole mozzarella” option as being a hot dog covered by a mozzarella stick, which was exactly was I was thinking too! So you can imagine how happy I was to know that I wasn’t the only one who confused the two, but I figured I would share that with all of you as well in case you make the same mistake and want to modify your order at Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corndogs in the future. As long as you notify the employees before they place your order in the fryer, you are good to go!

So here are what the much anticipated corndogs look like in order from left to right: Two Hands Dog, Spicy Dog, Potato Dog, Crispy Rice Dog, and Potato Dog. Despite how “unflattering” this photo might be, the ‘wow factor’ of these corndogs cannot be beat! Seriously. Each corndog was hot, juicy, flavorful, and insanely crispy! Not to mention incredibly cheesy! Of course, these corndogs were a lot bigger than I expected as well, so I was only able to take a few bites out of each one before filling like I was going to bust out of my pants. If you were to ask me which one was my favorite, I think all of them are unique and delicious in their own ways, however, my favorite would have to be the Two Hands Dog and the Potato Dog. Also, I noticed when we got home that we never got any dipping sauces nor was I asked if I wanted any dipping sauces with my corndogs when I was placing the order, so I am not sure if you have to ask them ahead of time or not, but I figured I would include that part on here as well since on their website online it shows that the corndogs come with dipping sauces so I am not sure what went wrong, but the corndogs were delicious on their own as well so if you are like us and you don’t get any dipping sauces, just know that you will survive! Also, my apologies for not taking a photo of the lemonade slush that I ordered, but I was waiting in line for over nearly an hour so you can imagine while it did not make it to the car after we got our order. My review of the lemonade slush is that it is very refreshing, not too sweet and not too tart, but if I ever end up going back again, I would like to give the Horchata slush a try next time!

Now for the side of dirty fries that I ordered. They are deep fried tater puffs with Two Hands dirty sauce and Cheetos powder which was honestly a perfect combination of pure goodness and a good mix of savory and spicy! Not to mention that the portion size they give you is plenty big enough for two people to share in my opinion! Honestly, I saved up most of my consumption power to try each one of these corndogs, so I was only able to eat four bites of the dirty fries before filling like I was going to explode! Those four bites were pure heaven though.

All in all, Sam and I had fun trying out Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs and we loved the food that we ordered, but was it 2+ hours of wait time good? Personally, I am not so sure about that, but hey, if you are a fan of corndogs and/or deep fried mozzarella on a stick, and you would like to try something new, and you’re in the area, then you should give Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs a try! It’s located off of Dobson and the 60 in Mesa on Dobson and Main and is open Monday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. The last order has to be placed at least 15 minutes before closing and if you are wanting to go on either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening, you should plan on waiting at least 2+ hours before getting your food! If you have already visited this place before and you care to share your experience with me, I would love it if you could leave me a comment below letting me know what you thought! Did you love it, hate it, or feel indifferent about it? Also, if there are any other fun food places in Arizona that you have been curious to try out yourself but have not yet had the time to do so, send me all of the details as I am looking forward to trying this again and would love to share my experience with you all! Until next time…

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