Frank and Charlie Turn 1 Years Old: Throwing My Cats a “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Birthday Party!

So for those of you who don’t already follow me on Instagram or are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you might not know that a little over a year ago Sam and I decided to adopt our sweet Siamese twins, Frank and Charlie, from a wonderful woman we found on Facebook. We decided to name our boys Frank and Charlie after the infamous television show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” because we have always been such HUGE fans of the show! Ever since the first day we brought them home from Tucson, Frank and Charlie have blessed our lives in so many ways and we could not imagine a life without them in it! Of course, Sam and I are definitely one of those ‘crazy cat people’ who consider our fur babies like family, so naturally it only made sense for us to throw our ‘fur children’ a party for their 1st birthday party! When I was brainstorming ideas on what kind of cat birthday party I could throw for Frank and Charlie, it only made sense to have it be “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to honor the incredible show that they were named after. In particular, I wanted the birthday party to feel like the ‘luau’ that Frank (Danny DeVito) always wanted to have for his birthday (as seen in Season 6 Episode 10) but to try and incorporate a few pieces from the show to honor Charlie (Charlie Day) as well and here is how everything turned out:

As soon as my guests arrived, everyone was required to wear a leis necklace and take a picture of themselves for my memory book. I found the perfect set of leis off of Amazon that came in a pack of 12 for only $10! The pack of 12 came in three different color options and were a huge hit at the party! My guests also loved my mini Instax photo idea as well and I highly encourage others to have disposable cameras available at your next party/gathering to capture the memories on film like I did! Unfortunately, I was not able to find the exact Hello Kitty Instax camera in stock anywhere, however, the one that I linked on my Amazon Storefront has amazing reviews and is under $100! Be sure to click the link above to check it out! Make sure that you also have some extra film on hand too as you don’t want to run out while the party is still going so I included a pack of 5 that you can purchase through my Amazon Storefront for only $66! Also, you will notice that I am wearing a super cute “Paddy’s Irish Pub” T-Shirt that was inspired by the television show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” for only $17! The shirt comes in 28 different colors and is available in sizes XS – XXXL! I am wearing a Large in the color Green! You can purchase the t-shirt today at

Since I live in a very small 745 sq. ft. apartment, I tried my best to decorate the place enough to make it feel like you were attending an actual Luau and I think looking at the end results, I definitely achieved the look! Luckily, all of the “Luau” decorations were purchased from the Dollar Tree so that helped me save quite a bit of money, but I was able to include the slightest details in the apartment that I thought made the biggest difference in the long run too! Although I have not given a home tour on my blog just yet, here is also a slight sneak peek at what my small, cozy apartment looks like! Hopefully in the near future I will be listing up on the blog and I will link all of my furniture and decor at that time! Make sure that you are following my blog so that you don’t miss those posts in the future!

Of course, what kind of party would it be if I didn’t have a “Happy Purrrthday” banner as a backdrop, am I right? This incredibly cute birthday banner was a HUGE hit at the party and my guests could not say enough good things about it either! This banner comes in 3 different colors and is currently on sale for only $14! You can purchase this today at The green, gold, white, and black balloon garland was another huge success for the party! I honestly don’t even think that photos do it justice! It was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS once it was set up! The one that I specifically ordered was 10ft. long, however, there are 6 different length options to choose from! The seller on Etsy even includes an option to order the garland with a balloon pump or not (which I did order and I HIGHLY recommend it)! I am not going to lie, the balloon garland was definitely a labor of love and took me a couple of hours to put together, but like I mentioned before, the end results were well worth it in the end! You can purchase the balloon garland today at Lastly, the “Paddy’s Irish Pub” Tapestry was one of my favorite finds in a very long time! It measures 40in x 60in and only cost $17! It was the perfect addition to have at the party to give you the real “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” vibes! You can shop my Amazon Storefront listed above if you’re interested in purchase one for yourself on your next Amazon haul!

But of course, Paddy’s Irish Pub would not be complete without a “bar cart/party favor” section too, right? For the party, I made sure to keep my bar cart fully stocked so that the drinks would keep going! I also decided to include a “raw jelly bean” bar on top of the bar cart for guests to help themselves since raw jelly beans were Charlie’s (Charlie Day) favorite snack on the television show! The “Paddy’s Irish Pub” stickers were another huge hit of the party that I ordered specially made from Etsy for only $2/piece! They were beautifully made and I would honestly consider ordering them myself even without a party, they are just THAT good! You can snag one up for yourself by visiting

For food, I had a crackers and cheese spread for everyone to enjoy as appetizers and then we had Ono Hawaiian BBQ catering for dinner! Everything turned out to be a huge success, including the two-tiered vanilla cake with buttercream frosting birthday cake for the boys since it was a birthday party after all! The birthday cake was from Safeway and was absolutely delicious! All of the decorations seen here were purchased from the Dollar Tree and the wooden heart charcuterie board is from Amazon and is currently out of stock, however, it comes back in stock frequently so check out my Amazon Storefront to see when it will be back in stock again!

Since I decided to have a birthday cake for my guests, it only made sense to also order one for Frank and Charlie! Although my cats hardly touched it, the cake was still incredibly adorable for only $12! It had customizable options when I placed the order which was very convenient and was the perfect size for a cat to eat! It arrived very fast and was nicely packaged which I loved! The Etsy seller also had options for cakes for dogs that you might be interested in as well! You can purchase one of these adorable cakes for yourself today at

All in all, the birthday party/luau was a HUGE success and I’m so glad that my guests had a wonderful time! I am certain that if Frank and Charlie could speak human, they would tell me that the party was a hit and that is all that matters! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog and you share it with your other cat loving friends! Until next time…

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